Treatment In the Trauma Clinic, a psychiatrist and a psychologist in private practice offer usually short-term, intensive, outpatient treatment. For information on our current charges, or for a leaflet, please contact us using the email address above. At present, all treatment referrals should be addressed to Dr Peter Scragg. copyright endostock - Fotolia.comYour first meeting will usually take an hour or more and will allow a detailed assessment of your problems. The recommended treatment options will be discussed with you and you will be involved in the formulation of a treatment plan. We aim to offer the best treatment in any individual case, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), EMDR, narrative and other psychological therapies. If necessary, we can arrange for a professional interpreter to be present. We can also make arrangements to meet the needs of people with disabilities - please let us know before your first appointment. We provide a complaints policy for our clinical services. For other difficulties, please contact the clinic manager.

Of course we also appreciate compliments and practical ideas by which we can improve our care. Please do speak to one of us or send an email.