Because of Dr Turner's retirement from clinical practice in December 2018, the Trauma Clinic has now closed as a treatment facility and has relinquished its CQC registration. This means that he cannot provide clinical assessment or treatment services. We will provide further updates from time to time on this website with other service options. We will also gradually update the information provided here. Dr Turner plans to continue to support medico-legal cases already assessed for the Courts (as independent expert, not as treating clinician) until they achieve settlement or Court determination. He is not accepting any new medico-legal instructions.

Dr Peter Scragg, now working completely independently of the Trauma Clinic, will continue to accept appropriate clinical referrals, including self-referrals, and appropriate medico-legal instructions. He can usually offer advice and psychological treatment to people with a wide range of emotional problems - such as trauma, stress, anxiety and depression. He generally provides intensive short-term treatments and so usually his is not the most appropriate service for people experiencing the longer term complications of childhood abuse.

Please note that EMAILS sent to will continue for now to be copied to Dr Scragg as well as to Dr Turner so that people either of us has seen before can get in touch.

Dr Jane Herlihy is not taking on clinical work at present.

Another service that may be helpful for some people is provided by Dr Georgina Clifford at London Trauma Specialists.

We are pleased to announce that the Centre for the Study of Emotion and Law, founded by Stuart Turner and Jane Herlihy, is moving to Royal Holloway University of London under the direction of Professor Amina Memon, as a new Research Centre for the Study of Emotion and Law, with active support from departments of law and psychology. If you wish to keep in touch with these developments, please email and you will be told how to join their new mailing list.

This web-site also aims to offer access to the sort of information most people are likely to need concerning trauma and PTSD. If you have suggestions for any other material, please let us know - although updates will be less frequent than hitherto.

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