Welcome to the Trauma Clinic

From June 2018, we will be leaving Devonshire Street. Please call or email for information about our new addresses.

Dr Turner retires from clinical practice by late 2018. He is no longer accepting new clinical or medico-legal referrals.

Dr Scragg continues to accept appropriate clinical referrals (including self-referrals) and appropriate medico-legal instructions. He can usually offer advice and psychological treatment to people with a wide range of problems - trauma, stress, anxiety and depression. He generally provides intensive short-term treatments and so usually we are not the most appropriate service for people experiencing the longer term complications of childhood abuse.

We are now registered with the Care Quality Commission as Trauma Clinic London Ltd.

For information on our current charges, please contact us, using the email address above. Please click here to access our GDPR privacy notice.

This web-site also aims to offer access to the sort of information most people are likely to need concerning trauma and PTSD. If you have suggestions for any other material, please let us know.